Saturday, March 14, 2009

"International" Food Festival

We had been planning to bring together as many people as possible from different countries and have a feast. Today is the day, yay! We will have fifteen people – all from different countries (well, consider Hong Kong and China as separate. I hope the Chinese government is not reading this LOL ) – meeting in our apartment today. Well! Basically the idea is that we will all cook some food which is native to our country and everyone will get to try different food.

Everyone had been busy since morning – not me though. I woke up at 12:00 noon (Common, it's Saturday) and went to Wegmans to get my recipes. All my friends started working on their respective food from 2:00 PM. Some started chopping garlic without peeling the dry skin, some started burning eggs while trying to make omelet, and some started calling their mother back home.

One of my friend brought the computer in the kitchen and loaded the page which has detailed instruction on how to prepare his food. Well, he was even following the amount of water, amount of salt, etc. But it is good to see him trying really hard.

After I finished making emadatsi, I hanged around a while to see how they are making. I saw one of my friend standing near the pot which is on stove with a spoon full of his food and his mouth wide open just above the pot which contains the actual food. He told me that he is tasting his food. He put the spoon in his mouth and then put back the remaining food in his spoon into the pot and started stirring with the same spoon without even washing it. I could not help but tell him that he just got fired if he is my chef.

I started cutting my chillies and onion at 4:30 PM and I am done now. It is 5:00 PM now, so I am going to take a nap. I asked them to wake me up once they are done anyways.

Oh! talking of shopping, something funny happened to us. We parked our car near a small car at Wegmans. While we were about to leave, the owner of that car – an old lady – opened her car's door to get in. Sensing that there is only a small space between the two cars, my friend politely asked the lady if we should move our car. “No, thank you. I am not that fat”, was the lady's reply. She slammed her car's door and drove away. “What the hell! I have no intention of saying that she is fat” was all my friend could say after the lady drove away. Well! After all, it is not your intention that matters, it is how the other person takes it that does. So the lesson: don't be a gentleman.

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  1. Your ema datsi made me home sick now...yummy. Looks like you were the best cook amongst your friend. hehe
    haha, i agree about their unhygenic tasting habit while cooking. we are not used to it, right? It happened to me on one such gathering too. I was asked to see if the salt is naturally i extended my cupped hand for them to pour the soup...everyone laughed at me! They tought it was kind of kiddish.