Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pema Tshewang Tashi


  1. Did you write all of it? If not.. Can you just scan and post something?

    Am not sure.. there are copyright isses..

    you should check it out..else the original pulisher/author can sue you?


  2. Thank you anonymous for your concern and I really appreciate it. Actually it took me such a huge courage to violate the copyright law and put those images on my blog. Frankly speaking, I am not the person who scanned the booklet but I got an electronic version of the book. But in saying so, I am not trying to say that I did not violate the copyright law, of course I did by posting those scanned images here. I am also aware of the copyright law when i posted them here. I posted with so much apprehension since I am aware that I am breaking a law. But I thought it will be educative to those people who would like to read it. Now I realized that it does not serve as an explanation for the violation. So I think I did what is right: deleted those images before the author kicks my ass :).

  3. That is true but would depend where the IP is registered.

    If you can just acknowledge the source. That should be fine.

    Anyway today is world IP day and a post should be there on my blog by tomorrow morning about IP.

    have a look and have fun