Friday, December 12, 2008

Childern of Heaven

In 1997, Majid Majidi directed a film which would be the first Iranian film to be nominated for Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film. Children of Heaven centers on the story of a young brother and his little sister, and the adventures over the lost pair of shoes. Ali (elder brother) takes Zahra's (little sister) shoes for repair, but loses it on his way back home. Realizing that their parents have no money to buy a replacement, the siblings decides to keep the matter secret. Instead, they devise a plan to share Ali's sneaker: Zahra will wear in the morning and Ali will wear in the evening since their school has a shift system. They go through a series of adventures in trying to hide the secret from parents, attend the school regularly and to acquire a pair of shoes for Zahra. Ali enters a marathon race hoping to get the third prize: a new pair of shoes. Unfortunately, Ali wins the race and receives a cup and a medal instead. The movie is on youtube and anyone who wishes to watch it can, Click Here.

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