Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame

Before I went to Cleveland, all I know about that city is the Cleveland Cavaliers. Although I am a fan of Boston Celtics, Lebron James never fails to amaze me. But Cleveland has lot more to offer than just Cavaliers. I was there during the Christmas break and I felt in love with it. Besides the normal skyscrapers, they have Cleveland Browns, Great Lakes Science Center, Cleveland Indians, Lake Eric shores, and many other tourist attractions. But I never knew the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is located there.

The museum and Hall of Fame is located on the shores of Lake Eric and it has six stories of exhibitions. The entry fee is about $20 but they have a discount for students. So we got in for $17 each. We could see the dresses and musical instruments of great artist, listen to songs which shaped the rock and roll culture, play around with touch screens and learn the history of rock and roll, and see some original lyrics of great songs handwritten by the original artist. Elvis's car, guitars, dresses and shoes are all on display. We can also listen to 500 greatest songs that shaped the world of rock and roll. It's a great experience listening to Led Zeppelin's stairway to heaven, Beatles' yesterday and hey Jude, Midnight Oil's beds are burning, CCR's fortunate son, Bob Dylan's blowin’ in the wind, The Eagles' Hotel California, Elvis Presley's mystery train, and Pink Floyd's another brick in the wall, just to name a few.

They also show how the rock and roll culture flourished despite so many strong oppositions from conservative politicians and interest groups. They have a cafe on the 4th floor (or is it 5th, I am not sure now.) where we can drink and eat while enjoying the lake Eric water body. On the second floor, they have a small shop which sells souvenir. It's a life time experience and I am glad I made it.

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